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Looking for ways to give back to your community? Join our amazing team of volunteers and together we will create a WasteLess Society through education and compassion. 

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We cannot be everywhere at the same time, so we rely on people like YOU to help us create a WasteLess Society across Canada. If no Chapter exists near you yet, create one! 

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Becoming a member of our WasteLess Society requires some effort but at the end of the day, membership is a recognition of your efforts, not your wallet. 

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In a WasteLess Society everyone is equal and equally responsible for preserving what our ancestors have passed down to us, for generations to come.  Give a future to future generations. 

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Donations allow us to continuously expand our educational resources, organize community events, and create workshops that instill  a sense of responsibility in all members of our society. 

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It’s our mission is to help Canadians
waste less
by learning to truly reduce consumption and breaking free from wasteful habits!

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