Waste Less Materials

Enjoy dozens of recipes for natural DIY detergents without the harsh chemicals.

  • Length:    32 pages
  • Format:   Digital
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Learn everything new parents need to know about how to lower you and your baby’s impact.

  • Length:    19 pages
  • Format:   Digital
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Explore with us how to celebrate Valentine’s by gifting love, not waste.

  • Length:    9 pages
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This fillable guide allows you to plan for your zero waste camping trip.

  • Length:    21 pages
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It is possible to tackle stains without harsh chemicals. This guide will teach you how.

  • Length:    44 pages
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This guide provides many ideas for celebrating the Holidays without creating waste.

  • Length:    16 pages
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The Devil We Know

If you’ve ever used a Teflon-coated pan or worn rainproof gear, this documentary may be of interest to you. It deals with DuPont’s toxic legacy of C8, a chemical that now exists in every person’s blood and a 50-year cover-up.

Trashed 2012

This documentary highlights the impact consumerism has on our environment. It also demonstrates how many communities are successfully REDUCING waste through sustainable approaches that provide far more employment than the current waste industry.

An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth showcases that global warming is real and provides a great range of fascinating facts and information. The film features a slide show presentation by Al Gore who is at the same time enlightening and inspiring.

The Story of Stuff

In just over 20 minutes, The Story of Stuff explains consumerism in great detail and draws out the connections between the environmental and social issues that we are currently facing! It’s a must-watch! 

The True Cost

In “The True Cost: Who Pays the Real Price for Your Clothes” explores the clothes we wear, how they are made and by who as well as the clothing industry’s environmental and socio-economic impact. 

Just Eat It!

This documentary reveals the amount of food that gets wasted from farm to fridge. The producers showcase how perfectly edible and nutricious food gets discarded because of how it looks. 

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